Frequently Asked Questions

Making Health Insurance easy and affordable for everyone.

How do I buy RelianceHMO Health Insurance?

You can do this by clicking here. It’s very simple and takes you less than 10 minutes. You select the type of insurance you want, pay with your ATM card, fill out a short form and you can use hospitals immediately

If you are interested in buying health insurance for your company, please visit to request a quote or call 0700 7354 2623

You can also always connect with a Reliance Care Centre agent who will be happy to help you purchase insurance. To do so either click on the chat icon on this page or reach out via


Telephone: 070073542623

Whatsapp: 07035369587

Facebook Messenger: @reliancehmo

When will my health insurance start?

RelianceHMO health insurance starts instantly. As soon as you pay and fill out the enrolment form you can start using your insurance immediately. We’ll also send you a notification confirming your policy’s start date.

How do I add other people to my health insurance I just bought?

It’s very easy. Click here to login to your Account. On the dashboard click on the “Add enrollee” button at the top of the page. Fill in the relevant information for each person required by the form, submit and you are done.

Can I cancel my insurance at any time?

We’re sorry to see you go and would encourage you to continue to pay your premiums to enjoy top notch health insurance. However, if you would like to cancel your insurance, you can do so at any time and we will only cover you for the period you have paid.

In the event that you renew your subscription after cancellation, there are some things to note. Firstly, you will lose all your accumulated benefits e.g. if you are eligible for physiotherapy care because you’ve paid premiums consistently for 3 months but then cancel in the 4th month, you will no longer be eligible for physiotheraphy when you renew. You will have to continue contributing for another 3 months to earn back the eligibility for physiotherapy care. Also, when you renew your insurance, there will be a 1-week wait period before your coverage will commence for the period you paid for. Finally, if before cancellation you made use of the insurance, there will be an increase your premium at renewal.

If you would like to have further clarification on any of this, feel free to call Reliance Care Centre on 0700 7354 2623

Does my Reliance HMO ID card guarantee access to care?

Absolutely! If you present the Reliance HMO (soft) ID card on your phone at your chosen hospital, you will receive care so long as your insurance is valid and you are eligible and covered for the service you need to receive in the hospital. If you ever face any issues in the hospital, immediately reach out to us via:


Telephone: 070073542623

Whatsapp: 07035369587

Facebook Messenger: @reliancehmo

A Reliance Care Centre agent will resolve the issue speedily

Why don’t you issue hard copy ID cards?

RelianceHMO soft copy ID cards allow us to offer you instant coverage and make the process of accessing care simple and convenient. Hard copy ID cards don’t allow this to happen.

How do I access the app?

You can access the RelianceHMO App on your web browser by visiting or by downloading the Reliance Care app on Google Playstore at

How does Chat with a Doctor work?

It’s very simple. Whenever you need to speak to a doctor for a simple ailment, open the Reliance Care App or the website

On the website click the “Consult a Doctor” button, located at the side menu of the website or click the "Health questions" button at the bottom of the Reliance care App, It will open a page where you can type your health-related question and send it to a doctor.

Doctors are available 24 hours a day and you will get an answer from a doctor within 10 minutes. If you don’t receive an alert for your answer in 10 minutes, go back into the app and refresh the page. The doctor will ask you for more details on your condition, give you basic advice and can even give you a prescription for simple over-the-counter (OTC) medication. So you can get treatment without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

What are my health benefits?

Your health benefits include the various healthcare providers and services (eg. Medical and surgical consultations, emergency services, surgeries in graduated ranges based on months of consistent cover, and drug prescriptions) you can access. The availability and limits of your health benefits are determined by the health plan you subscribed for.

You can click here to view health benefit details of our available health insurance plans.

What are Graduated Health Benefits?

Graduated health benefits mean that not all benefits are available from day one, but more get added the longer you stay on your insurance.
You can find out when you are eligible for what benefits in your app or by going through our list of benefits

Note: If you stop making payments and your insurance expires, you will lose all the graduated benefits you have unlocked. E.g. If you pay for your insurance consistently for 7 months, you unlock Access to Physiotheraphy. Then, you cancel your plan and do not make any payments after that 7th month. 2 months later you return to pay for your insurance on the same plan, you will lose all the graduated benefits you had previously gained, and will have to start unlocking your benefits again. There is also the possibility of having to pay higher, if you accessed care before you stopped making payments

What types of health care providers can I visit?

You can access care only from health-care providers on the RelianceHMO network that are allowed on your insurance plan. We have hundreds of hospitals all over the country and this is growing, so it’s very likely the hospital you already use is in our network. You can click below to see the list of hospitals for each insurance plan and check if your preferred one is on our list.

If you don’t find your preferred hospital on the list, we’re happy to find you a great hospital near you if you reach out to us via


Telephone: 070073542623

Whatsapp: 07035369587

Facebook Messenger: @reliancehmo

How do I select a Hospital?

You select your primary hospital from a list of available hospitals when you are filling out the enrolment form. It is best you choose a hospital close to your home, place of work or anywhere you deem convenient.

Can I change my hospital at any time I desire?

Yes. you can freely access care in any hospital you are eligible for based on your insurance plan. This means you can roam within the limits of the hospitals covered on your chosen plan(s). You can check the hospitals you are eligible for under each plan here.

To make enquiries and effect a change of hospital please call 0700 7354 2623

How do I get treatment?

Very easy! Simply walk into your preferred hospital, show them your ID card and they’ll cater to you. If you ever face any issues in the hospital, a Reliance Care Centre agent will resolve the issue immediately when you reach out to us via


Telephone: 070073542623

Whatsapp: 07035369587

Facebook Messenger: @reliancehmo

Are pre-existing and chronic conditions covered on my insurance plan?

On a Red Beryl or Alexandrite plan, we don’t cover pre-existing conditions or chronic conditions. However, if you purchase a Pre-existing Conditions Benefit, we will cover CERTAIN pre-existing and chronic conditions. The full list of pre-existing conditions we cover are:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Peptic Ulcer
  • Arthritis

What are pre-existing and chronic conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are SERIOUS illnesses that have existed AT ANY TIME BEFORE the start of your insurance plan. Treatment or advice may have been received for such conditions in the past. It is purchased in addition to any of our health insurance plans for people with a chronic condition like hypertension, diabetes, peptic ulcer and arthritis.

The pre-existing Conditions Extra Benefit ONLY covers Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis and Peptic ulcer.

This benefit is perfect not just as a wellness check for older parents, it also covers younger people who have the pre-existing conditions listed above.

You can click here for a full list of all the items covered under the Pre-existing Conditions Extra Benefit.

Do I need to call you first before I go to the hospital?

No you do not. Walk confidently into your chosen hospital, show your ID card and you will be attended to. If you ever face any issues in the hospital, immediately reach out to us via


Telephone: 070073542623

Whatsapp: 07035369587

Facebook Messenger: @reliancehmo

If I'm traveling, can I visit any hospital?

Yes. Wherever you go nationwide you can visit any hospital nearby that is in the RelianceHMO network available on your insurance plan. You can check the hospital near you by viewing the list of RelianceHMO network hospitals and clinics near you in the Reliance Care App or website. A Reliance Help Centre agent can also help you find a hospital nearby when you reach out to us via


Telephone: 070073542623

Whatsapp: 07035369587

Facebook Messenger: @reliancehmo

Am I covered for dental treatment?

Absolutely, after paying for 6 months uninterrupted on the plans purchased.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

Yes. Your Primary Care Provider will need to refer you to a specialist. We will then help you schedule the appointment and walk you through the process of seeing the specialist.

However, you need to contact the Reliance Care Centre to schedule your appointment on 070073542623

How does the cashback work?

It’s very simple. If you stay on an insurance plan continuously for 12 months AND you DID NOT use the insurance plan, we will automatically credit your account with 20% of all you have paid. No stories, it’s very straightforward.

I have older parents, do you have health plans for them?

Absolutely we do! Our insurance plans do not have an age limit, so you can easily purchase them for your elderly parents. If your parents are relatively healthy and don’t have any pre-existing conditions you can buy them a regular Red Beryl or Alexandrite plan.

If they have any pre-existing or chronic conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis and Peptic ulcer we would advise you to purchase a Pre-existing Conditions Extra Benefit. This would cover consultations, tests, treatment and even medication for the 4 PECs we cover (click here for more details on Pre Existing Conditions Extra Benefit).

They also have access to a doctor 24 hours a day through the consult a doctor service on the app.

Must I use medication provided by RelianceHMO if I am on the Pre-existing Conditions Extra Benefit?

Yes, unless otherwise stated. Medication refills will be provided by our home visit team and are meant to enable you prevent or manage chronic health conditions and should be taken seriously. In the event that such medication are unavailable, we will make arrangements for you to have these collected from a nearby hospital.

What if I have more than one pre-existing condition, do I pay for more than one Pre-existing Conditions Extra Benefit?

No, you only have to pay for one Pre-existing Condition Extra Benefit to get covered for Hypertension, Diabetes, Peptic ulcer disease and Arthritis e.g. If you have Hypertension and Arthritis and require coverage for both, you only need to purchase one Pre-existing Condition Extra Benefit and you get coverage for both

Are all medications for my pre existing condition covered under the extra benefits?

Yes, all medications required to manage your pre-existing conditions are covered with the Pre-existing Conditions Extra Benefit.

How do I contact Reliance HMO?

If you need to speak to us about your health benefits, payment, enrolment, insurance plans or any other issue at all, a Reliance Care Centre agent is available 24 hours a day to answer you. You can easily reach out to us via


Telephone: 070073542623

Whatsapp: 07035369587

Facebook Messenger: @reliancehmo